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Related article: N wild in Preteen Lolitas the desert Letter © Jade incredible event changed your perception of life. Even today, he wonders if it really happens, or if it's just the beauty of the whole, caught in a whirlwind of memorable sexual fantasy........ Part 1 Jade loved the feeling of night air blowing against them, the feeling of her long blond hair flowing behind her. She was looking right and left in the empty park. "No, I can not", he thought, Preteen Lolitas " Anything can happen.. there might be hiding behind trees Hello everyone, but why drop a beautiful English summer night. " She shrugged and turned and walked through the park. At this point it must have been afraid. A young attractive girl of 20 years, walking through a dark park huge, by his own account, at midnight. Okay, make it seem worse than it is, but everyone likes the feeling of fear. No ?........... But no, she was not afraid, it was a few moments he felt lonelyThen were the most relaxed I had felt in years. The heat of summer, the air, the scent of flowers, the moon, that the field is full of admiration and comfort. But for my part, only a single moment in time that everything would be broken. Jade Forest section of the park. She stopped when he heard a whisper of it. Although fear brushed jade spirit, frozen in fear, looking before they would allow Preteen Lolitas her as much as his vision. But with the moonlight off by overhanging branches and leaves, could not see anything. Suddenly a noise was directly below it. I could feel the movement of the feet. At first she thought it was the wind beyond his brush and leaves. But that thought was quickly shot down when something wrapped around his ankles. Jade lost her balance and fell back, the wind temporarily knocked out of it. Jade was on his watch, the branches and twigs and theft suddenly became more intense. Fear trough the head, dazed and confused, trying to fight for the land, but soon withdrew back. branches wrapped around their wrists and ankles reinforced its control. Jade tried to scream. But she was so tense with the fear of her singing were allowed to travel anywhere. Jade was a branch of the containers around your left leg, as it was in the industry is moving more and more until he came to the waist. The branch buckle Jades tore the top of your jeans, each button on your flight to the series. Jade flat stomach was exposed to the warm night air. Jade has at this point was in a state of pure shock. The branch then traveled through the interior of the right leg of Jade. Since there are to do, their jeans pulled. The industry soon returned, left again on the way to his leg. As it moves to the top of the pant leg, gently brushing her vagina. Jade shrugged, in this sense, their minds are beginning to ask one of horror. The industry is moving within short sleeve blouse you Jadearing of each button on the way, quickly followed Jade bra, so she was naked, only Nickers. Jade 's slender body was bound by the wrists and ankles. As soon as he disappeared in the industry. Jade had no idea what to expect, though it should have been filled with terror, was full of emotion. Why? Jade does not know yet. Jade moves his head to see what's between your legs slightly bent spread and stir. But once he did, Jade threw her head back in ecstasy. She moaned as two enormous leaves moved above her vagina, she continued her solid body until the beautifully proportioned breasts. The leaves began to surround them and grip and feel, sends wild in the desert. The leaves of the young, one rubs his body down to the pants in their wake. He slid into the top of his pants and wrapped in his abdomen. Jade moaned as the tide turned again get a little headher wet vagina on the way. Then he pulled his pants clean. Meanwhile, a rose petal bath, a rose petal on the size of a man moved between her legs. As he met his lips dripping, Jade gasped and arched her hips in the making in the bud. The rose began to suck her pussy always wet Jade. The leaves are falling more and tighten breasts. That was drenched in sweat, while his body is wrapped tighter and tighter, holding her hips to meet his hand firmer on the branches, which were wrapped around their wrists. every inch of her gorgeous look thin solid that glows in the moonlight. The leaves and ran down his body above his waist, stomach and back over her breasts. La Rosa is increasingly looking strong, sinuous body closer to its climax. branches wrapped around their legs to the legs like a little rosebud shot in the face, covering her mouth, finally, the inside of the Rose explore her mouth. She pushed for the last time you tighten your stomachNED, and they came, the most powerful orgasms she had in her life. It still feels like the rose and kept sucking on the leaves kept stroking, and she shuddered with pleasure and pain, his body swaying from side to side began with his back arched as another orgasm shook her body. then returned to normal in the woods...... everything that had happened was gone. Jade was lying naked on the floor, unable to move, from sheer exhaustion. Last 10 minutes...... 20th....... 30th.. until finally graduated and stripped back to their home, even in fear of the wildest moments of their lives. sub 2 Jade awoke the next morning after a night of mixed images of their sexual experiences in the park full. I still could not believe what had happened. Jade jumped out of bed and dressed, ran out of his house and the park in his mind raced to remember what had happened, with a heart that beats at the thought of again. He looked at his torn clothes scatteredthe earth at that moment I knew what had happened or something that had devastated......... or not - who had raped her. But certainly what the forest can not come to life and do all this. "Impossible," he muttered to himself. She picked up her clothes and ran back to the house tears from her face, she thought she could fool. He had with someone about this and talk fast. When he reached his house, had once called her best friend Emma, ​​"Emma, his jade. " " Oh, hello jade, was..... " "\\ \\ n Jade stopped mid-sentence : ".. Hey Emma, ​​what happened to me last night, I do not know why, but it was fun..... I could have been raped, " " Oh, God, jade, has told police that right? " " Yes, I'm fine and no, I have not told the police. " " Why do not you ? " " I.... I can not, I'm not sure it was a man who raped me, he said, "Jade, begins at the thought of what she said to tremble. " Listen, I have to talk to you. Will you come with me house ? " " Yes, of course, I am his right to the final. "It was Jade attractive his girlfriend welcome. " Oh, thank you for coming so quickly, " Jade, as she hugged. " You're welcome. The question is, are you okay ? " " NO.... I am far from everything in order. "Jade said while shaking in the arms of Emma. " Come, let's go. " Emma Jade resulted in his own home and went straight to the kitchen. N " tea, " said Emma. " That would be great. " " Come tell me what happened. " " OK, but at the end of it I do not think you're still sitting here with me after you hear what I say. " Jade Emma told the whole story from beginning to end. '......... and then I called. " Jade end of the story. Emma sitting on the couch, watching his friend, knowing not to open your mouth, what I can say. " Umm... well..... that's a hell of story," said Emma. "I knew I would not believe. " "No... I do, do not you think it could have been a dream? " " A dream ?... But what about the clothes torn ordifferent and awakening naked in the park? "" Well, maybe you've had this dream became unconscious sleep and tore the clothes themselves. It's more than possible. In fact, I think it is the only possible explanation. "Jade looked at her friend's eyes. " Yes, you're right. Sorry, that 's nonsense. I feel like an idiot. "Jade said, now even more confusing, n spite of what he said. " Look, Jade, I'll stay with you tonight anyway. Just in case. " " Oh yeah? I would really appreciate it. " " No problem, what kind of friends? " Emma and Jade spent the night drinking wine and watching movies. Enjoy Jade only to forget what had happened the previous night in his dreams ( ?). January 00 with the clock, it was decided to withdraw of the bed. Jade had a king- size bed very comfortable both could sleep together. woke up last night to watch Emma........ February 30. fired quickly at the sound of the door blink Jade checked the other side of the bed. is gone. Emma met her jeans and a white shirt over his head. He ran as the front door and the street. She was surprised to see Jade get into the park. Emma suspicions had been confirmed, apparently. Jade was sleepwalking. She ran to the park in search of her boyfriend. The moon was full and bright enough to give your friend in the forest section of the park. He found it. He searched for her, but without success. 'Jade..... Jade '. He exclaimed in a whisper. (If that makes sense) and then saw his friend lying on the ground, unconscious ? Asleep ?..... was not sure. Emma went to her. Then it started. The branches are turned Emma 's face and tangled around her wrists and ankles. She was then thrown to the ground. large branches have been created for the horizon line and Emma moved the body and ran over her breasts, her belly on the edge of his jeans. The upper branches that buckle undone zipper was exposing the bottom of its slimWaist. Meanwhile, Jade came and stood hands and knees, he saw his friend through the woods is defiled. The branches of his pants pulled Emma was in nothing but shorts and shirt. A strange looking weed moves between her legs, put on her panties and ripped it clean. Then all was silent. But not for long, produces a giant cactus plant seeking Emma 's legs, moving closer to her vagina, then plunged in. The hair was fine cactus everywhere, it seems, to stimulate his victim, and that is very good in fact. Emma screamed out loud when the fixed plant fills her pussy. began his Preteen Lolitas hips, falling deeper and deeper. Jade went to her friend, who now groan in ecstasy, could not help but be turned by the sight of her friend's beautiful in so much joy. Jade friend saw his glorious body, and then stroked her soft flat belly Emma shook her shirt up and uptheir curves. Jade then Preteen Lolitas in a moment of intense passion, he tore his friends that his shirt. She sat next to Emma kisses on the lips. Emma replied again with a passionate kiss, the couple grew deeper tongues intertwined that more and more sensual. Emma Jade moved to her neck, planting soft kisses down in his body, his lips moved over her breasts, sucking them, running her tongue along the edge of his ever hardening nipples. Jade then moved his body in the stomach, moved his tongue along the edge of your navel. Emma aspirated stomach, feeling the presence of her boyfriend in her delicate body, she arched her back and her body was wrapped tighter and tighter, the language of the navel Jade Emma then again. The cactus slowly in and out of her vagina began to accelerate the pace. Suddenly, a large weed wrapped around Jade 's leg and pulled her thigh. Jade dress was torn from his back to the branches of two leaves their bodies moving underand I began to grope her breasts and belly. The weed suddenly two, joined the other end of your vagina and anal passage. Jade and how excited and close to orgasm, again it would not be long until it broke. But she continued her duty to please her boyfriend, she licked now smooth body, breasts and belly. Emma moaned louder and louder, then arched her back and out of her orgasm, Jade Emma felt taut belly and pushing your hips toward the sky. The sign of her boyfriend, running, balance was achieved, the leaves falling on your body and deeper into the weeds worked for the last time the two young women in the desert alone? Screaming with pleasure important. And then it was over. They were alone, do not move out of sheer exhaustion, sweating.......... Jade and Emma still dream of unforgettable nights and Jade again in the desert where they had all taken place, but none of this ever happening again........... at leastnot her.
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